Use this one simple trick to leave your stress behind.

Whether you are in the enviable position of living your dream life or whether you are a ball of stress literally counting down the seconds to your next holiday. I think it is safe to say that for most of us when we are going on our holibobs, there is a host of day to day ‘stuff’ that we would prefer to leave behind.

Whether it is the project in work that we’ve been ploughing through or sorting out the kids uniforms for the next year at school. It could even be just the monotony of day to day chores, or those things that niggle in the back of our minds like needing the outside of the house reprinting.

Often when we go on holiday it can take us several days to unwind before we really start to relax and enjoy ourselves, and if you are only away for a week then this can equate to nearly half of your holiday. Well if this sounds like you read on, for the most simple but effective thing you can do to avoid this.

So while this process is very simple it has 3 steps as follows:

Step 1

As you are packing your luggage, be it hand luggage or a full on suitcase, imagine that there is another case beside it.  As you are going about your packing, think about all of the things you would like to leave behind and imagine yourself throwing them into the other case.  You don’t have to be gentle or pack them neatly, just throw them in there.  Visualise yourself leaving this case open until the day you leave, that way you can add any new things that crop up into it at any time.

Step 2

When you are ready to leave for your holiday, as you take your actual luggage, imagine yourself also carrying your visualised case with all of the things that you want to leave behind inside it. When you get to the airport as you go through the security checks visualise yourself leaving the case full of unwanted stuff behind.

Step 3

As you take your actual luggage to be sent to the hold visualise it shining with positive energy. I like to visualise mine full of pink sparkles and white light.  Also imagine your hand luggage in the same way.  Take a few deep breaths and say to yourself ‘I am willing to let go and fully enjoy my break, i deserve it’

Sounds simple and a little bit woo woo but the power of the mind is amazing, and at the end of the day , what have you got to lose by giving this process a go.

If you do give this a go, I would love to hear how it works out for you, otherwise if you have any suggestions of your own about how to leave the stress behind I would love to hear those too.


Lara xxx

4 thoughts on “Use this one simple trick to leave your stress behind.

  1. Lara, I love this. So simple and so effective using the power of the mind. My husband’s grandad always used to say that he was having a “Tuesday” – a nickname for the grumpy feeling that used to descend on him on the first Tuesday of the holiday as the stresses of work left him before he started to fully relax and enjoy being with the family. I think he would have laughed at filling his suitcase with pink sparkles – but I also think he would have secretly done followed your steps and they would have worked for him!

    1. aww, that’s so sweet, I guess the pink sparkles aren’t compulsory haha. I love that having a ‘Tuesday’ it’s a common reaction, I love that I now have a name for it. Thanks for sharing xx

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